Monday, July 12, 2004

Little Miss Matchmaker me!

There comes a point in life where you just have to go for it! It really amazes me how many people moan about how boring life is in Northern Ireland or how bored in general they are yet they don't get off their backsides and do something! - I'm not saying I'm wonderful just I like to do loads of stuff.

I've decided I'm not all that excited about America anymore! I think I just know I'm going and I'm just cool about it! I'm sure my excitement levels will increase soon especially if I suddenly win the lottery so I wouldn't have to worry about having enough spending money anymore!

Oh Little-Miss-Matchmaker-Me! Gav n Cat...

Sunday, July 11, 2004

It's not long now until America but I haven't really been thinking about in much...well yeah I've been thinking about it loads but no really in depth so thought I should maybe look up some places I might like to go in America and things about AR. more.

Went to Laura's graduation party in Carrickfergus on Friday nite, it was gr8 fun and I was tlkn to one of Laura's friends called Johnny who did BEI 2 yrs ago so I was waffling on about USA and asking him loads of questions!

Sunday, July 04, 2004 here it is!

I felt I should start a proper webblog before I go to Arkansas cus although I fully intend to email ppl and be on MSN (nrly!) as much as I am @ the mo I thought a blog mite be a gd wee idea.

It's 25 work days until I leave work and I can't wait. I used to sometimes think that I would miss work even slightly but I've realised now that I don't think I could cope with going back to work in 4th year of uni! Even the money isn't worth it!

So this is the start of the webblog and probably the start of my obsession with Arkansas and all things American...well let's hope I like it, I'll be in the US for a min. of 9 months!

I feel like I should be doing something in preparation for going but I really can't think of anything!

I suppose I should write a list of things to do/get;

1. getta big bag for going away, I think I'm going for the "backpacker" look lol!

2. email Jenny (the girl who was @ U of O last yr) and ask her stupid things like are there many showers on each floor of halls, when did she pick her modules and what's the canteen food like!

3. ...umm get student loan forms from last year (yeah!) and this year sorted :S

...can't think of anything else @ mo but i'm sure there's plenty!