Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Michy, Sarah and Sadie Posted by Hello

Michy's CI class2 Posted by Hello

Michy's CI class Posted by Hello

Michy being killed Posted by Hello

Dr. Gorman being attacked by the mystery guest Posted by Hello

Dr. Sharon Gorman @ the Hallowe'en organ recital Posted by Hello

Monica Rios and Vincent France Posted by Hello

"Fall" leaves Posted by Hello

Campus Chapel Posted by Hello

Campus mall Posted by Hello

Sarah decorating our floor for the trick or treating Posted by Hello

Page Ketcher and Sarah Murphy Posted by Hello

My Tayto's arrived today so I'm trying to get the Americans to become addicted to them too! Posted by Hello

Johnny Wong and Sarah L Posted by Hello

Jenni dressed up for the trick or treating in our dorm Posted by Hello

Jenni popping outta a bin liner Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

"Some members of the Ozarks men's basketball team got painted up in the Ozarks school colors to show their support for the soccer teams in their late September matches against Lyon College" (Roisin's uni) http://www.ozarks.edu/front/snapshot.html
 Posted by Hello

Brett and Olivia Posted by Hello

Me, Michy, Sarah L and Sarah M after El Parion Posted by Hello

Olivia and Rae at the Irish table Posted by Hello

Leslie Posted by Hello

Jenni, Candyce, Elizabeth and Kerri collect the best decorated lobby prize Posted by Hello

Olivia and Sergio at the International Festival Posted by Hello

Gaby and Sergio Posted by Hello

The Hondurans at the International Festival Posted by Hello