Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Graduation cake Posted by Hello

Brett and Daniel Posted by Hello

Brett and Daniel Posted by Hello

Monica, Rae, Sarah, Brett and Jenni Posted by Hello

Brett and Olivia at graduation Posted by Hello

Graduates Posted by Hello

Brett and Dr. Niece Posted by Hello

Rae and Sarah in my room Posted by Hello

Study night breakfast Posted by Hello

Jenni, Michy, Sarah and Rae at the study night breakfast Posted by Hello

Monday, December 13, 2004

Belfast city centre exiles/belfast.html
 Posted by Hello

Belfast's City Hall Posted by Hello

Belfast...this is where I'm from! Posted by Hello

Byron and Olivia Posted by Hello

Jose Manuel, Byron, Digna and Sergio Posted by Hello

Jose Manuel and Olivia Posted by Hello

Lulu and Olviia Posted by Hello

Estep, Mario and Kevin Posted by Hello

Luis, Michy and Marlon Posted by Hello

Jennifer Allred and Carlos Fuentes Posted by Hello

Olivia, Nestor, Lulu and Nestor Posted by Hello

Roland, Digna and Estep Posted by Hello

Estep and Digna Posted by Hello

Everett as Santa Posted by Hello

Managing Today class Posted by Hello