Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hey y'all!

Well I babysat last night, well all day yesterday until 1:30am! 1pm Friday until 1:30am Saturday. 3 boys under the age of 7, one one year old, one five year old and one seven year old! I needed the money and it wasn't too bad except I was half asleep when they came home! The parents were away at a wedding all day. I got $79.10 aka £45! Not bad but I changed too many nappies (diapers) and made too many bottles to want to have any children any time soon! Actually I just want to adopt so maybe if I adopted an older child I wouldn't have to do all that nappy crap stuff! I'd love to adopt foreign babies, a black baby and a C.A. baby would be cool. Brett already knows I want to adopt. His brother is adopted, obviously not the twin brother, and he didn't even tell me. One day his Mom and I were driving along in the car and his Mom mentioned something along the lines of "Josh is adopted" and carried on the story as if I knew this already. When we came home I asked Brett why he had never told me that his brother was adopted and he said it was because he never thought of him as any different. I'd love to adopt children and it be as perfect as that!

It was my sister Suzie's 17th birthday yesterday and she also started her summer job working in McDonald's! Happy belated birthday wishes to Taylor E., and happy birthday to Leo and Sarah Locke! Leo is six today and Sarah L. is 19!

I was watching "The Simple Life 2" this morning and they were in Kerrville, TX. That's where my friend Adam went to university! How cool! Que cool!

Well tonight I should be going to Nicola's or Louise's for pizza and a few drinks. Louise leave for England on Monday to stay with her sister for a month. If that doesn't end up happening I will just bum around here and read my book. I might see what Vivien is doing and go and see her (she only lives in the next street!).

Well this time last year I was uber excited about going to Ozarks and now it's three other Irish girls turn this year. Please make them welcome! I hope I was nice to most people on campus and was a good ambassador for my country, hopefully y'all be as nice to the new girls as you were to me! I'll be back in AR/TX next summer, hopefully working at a camp near Brett's house. I don't graduate until July 2006, so I won't be able to make a visit over to see people until after graduation. My exams are in January so Christmas is always spent studying, then my finals (we just call the last exams you do at university "finals" because they are your final exams!) are in May but graduation isn't until 4th July (approx).

I leave for Germany with my sister and about sixty other people from my diocese to go to World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany on August 9th-22nd. Brett and my first anniversary is on August 19th so hopefully I will be able to call him on that day! Let's all hope!

Suppose I have to give a mention to the metro, aka Tim Schmoker, and his girlfriend Cristina since Tim mentioned me on his Xanga. They are in E.S. staying in Cristina's house, and Tim gave C. a promise ring the other day when they were at some beautiful romantic place! Maybe Tim should email Brett some romance tips! Awk Brett is romantic when he is pushed!

Better go...every time I try to write the word "better" I write "BRETTer" the first time...guess who's on my mind! It's 1:15pm, Saturday here, and I'm still in jammies so maybe, just maybe, I should get dressed...or get back into bed? Oh the choices I have to make in my life!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The conservatory that the computer is in Posted by Picasa

The view from my house - can you see the mountains? Posted by Picasa

Catherine and Olivia Posted by Picasa

Nicola and Catherine Posted by Picasa

Louise Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hey there!

Happy Birthday Taylor!

I found a cool camp that I would like to work at next summer,, 17 miles from Brett's home woohoo! We'll see how that works out!

I want to be with you forever babe!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Truck stops and all that jazz!

I was just thinking about the scary truck stop we stopped at on the way to Abilene, TX, or somewhere on a tennis trip, maybe I'm only just recovering from the trauma of how scary and weird it was? Anyone been to anywhere worse?

Periods suck! Time differences suck and I miss my baby so much!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


1. Kissed your cousin:

2. Ran away:
no, but have wanted to

3. Been an Athlete?:
well no, but surprisingly I loved being on the U of O tennis team!

4. Skipped school:
uni. yes, school no

5. Broken someone's heart:

6. Been in love:

7. Cried when someone died:

8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have:

9. Broken a bone:
no, i drink loads of milk and eat loads of cheese

10. Done something embarrassing: all the time

11. Lied: yes

12. Cried in school:
don't think so


13. Coke or Dr. Pepper products:
i like water better

14. Sprite or 7UP:
prob. sprite

15. Girls or Guys:
i love boys

16. Flowers or Candy:

17. Scruff or Clean shaved:
clean shaved for kissing purposes and scruffy for looking at

18. blondes or brunettes:
i don't mind

19. Cute or Pretty?:

20. Tall or Short:
tall...evidently...look at Brett!

21. Pants or Shorts:


23. What do you notice first:
eyes and body

24. Last Person You Slow Danced With:
Brett at the winter formal

25. Worst Question To Ask:
"so do you think u and Brett will last in a long distance relationship?, that one gets old!


26. Showered:
i had a bath about an hour ago

27. Stepped outside:
about 10 minutes ago

28. Kissed:
Brett,in the airport when I left Tyler, TX in June


29. Last Good Memory:
talking to Brett on the phone at 2:30pm

30. Good Luck Charm:

31. Person You Hate Most:

a few, but i really do try not to hate

32. Best Thing That Has Happend:
going on BEI to U of O in America

33. On your desk:
a lamp, a camera, bills, a camera case, a bracelet, a clothes peg...

34. Picture on your desktop:
photo i took from the bus on the way home from Belfast city centre of the River Lagan from the Ormeau Bridge


35. Color:
pink, purple and yellow

36. Movie:
any chick flick

37. band/singer's:
no particular fave

it used to be a yellow renault megane sport coupe but i'm not sure now, maybe that in silver

39. Ice Cream:
the yum cookie dough that Brett got me in Bar-K

40. Food:
Indian food

41. Breakfast Food:
toast, cereal and tea


42. Makes You Laugh The Most:

43. Makes You Smile:

44. Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What:

45. Has A Crush On You:
Let's hope Brett does

46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone:


47. Who Has It Easiest: Guys or Girls?

48. Gives You A "warm fuzzy" Feeling When You See Them?:


49. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night:

50. Save AIM Conversations:
copied and pasted yes

51. Save E-mails:
yes, i have 18 pages of emails in my Hotmail account

52. Forward Secret Emails:
What the hell is a secret email? (here here Shantelle and Lindsay)

53. Wish you had a different life:

54. Wish you were a member of the other sex?


55. Wear Cologne:

56. Kiss others:
what kind of question is that, of course i kiss others lol...i'll leave Lindsay's answer there!

57. Cause Problems:
try to avoid problems

58. Go Online For Longer Than Eight Hours At A Time:
i sometimes just leave my MSN on

59. Fallen For Your Best Friend?:

60. Made Out With JUST A Friend?:

61. Kissed Two People In The Same Day?:
heck yes, the Botanic Inn

62. Had Sex With Two Different People In The Same Day?:

63. Been Rejected:

64. Drank before:

65. Smoked before:

66. Used Someone?:

67. Been Used?:

68. Dumped Someone?:

69. Been Cheated On?:

70. Been Kissed?

71. Done Something You Regret?:


72. You Touched?:
um...I hugged Louise at the weekend....but I don't know who since then

73. You Talked To?:

Brett on the phone...oh my brother called too after that, then Nicola on MSN

74. You Hugged

75. You Instant Messaged?:

76. You Kissed?:

77. You Yelled At?:
my brother

78. You Thought About?


79. Who Text Messaged You?:
I don't really have a cell at the moment

80. Who Broke Your Heart?:
no one

81. Who said that they love you?:


82. Color of Your Hair?:

83. have tattoos:

84. Have Piercing?:
3 in each ear

85. Have a boyfriend/girlfrend:

86. Own A Web cam?:
yes but its never used

87. Own more than one video game system:

88. Ever Get Off The Computer?:

89. Speak a foreign language
Spanish and French

90. Are you a gambler:

91. have a car?:


92. Stolen Anything?:
yes once I stole earrings from a store in Dundalk when I was about 5

93. Rep/Dem/Independent?:

94. vandalized property?:

95. Obsessive?:

97. Addicted to something?:
MSN and wearing my flip flops

98. Panic?:

99. Evil?:

100. Depressed?:
yes sometimes

101. Sarcastic?:

102. Respect people?:
try to

103. Smart?
yes, I try to be.

104. Good Poker Face?:
think so

105. Bored?:


I know Brett hates doing these questionnaire things but maybe since nearly every other U of O'er with a Xanga has done them I should too!

::55 Random Questions Survey::
1) Have you ever fallen off your bed? I don't think so....
2) Do you sleep on the floor? No I love my bed too much
3) Have you ever gone camping? no
4) Do you like to play hopscotch? yes
5) What do you do when it rains? watch TV, curl up in my bed, read, listen to music...
6) Are you on a computer, laptop, etc? desktop
7) Where are you now? conservatory (sunroom in US English

8) How many surveys have you done today? one
9) Whats the last movie you've seen? Star Wars with Brett, his Mom and his stepDad

10) Do you go to summer school? no, we don't have that here
11) Do you go to camp? no, we don't really have camp the way America does

12) Have you ever played rugby? no, but I have watched it on TV

13) Have you ever played basketball when it was storming? yes at Brett's
14) Are you a cheerleader? hahahahaha NO!
15) What's your favorite college? U of O
16) What elementary school did you go to? St. Joseph's Primary School

17) Middle School? St. Joseph's Primary School
18) High School? Assumption Grammar School, Ballynahinch
19) College? University of Ulster at Jordanstown and the University of the Ozarks
20) Out of all of them, which mascot was your favorite? Eagles, I was a Lady Eagle!

21) Do you wear spirit wear? little non-American me doesn't know what that is!

22) Do you sprint when you run? no, unless it is necessary like in P.E. class or at tennis practice at Ozarks

23) What are you listening to now? the TV is on

24) What color is your cursor? black
25) Have you ever been to a wedding? Yes

26) Have you ever worked at a job? Yes, 4 years at The Clarks Shop, Forestside
27) How many times have you moved? never

28) Do you take medicine? no

29) Where have you been out of your country? yes!

I suppose the Republic of Ireland too, lol, I live in Northern Ireland
...going to Germany in August

30) Whats the most exotic place you've been to? Miami I suppose?

31) Are your nails painted? toe nails are, fingernails have clear stuff on them
32) Do you have makeup on? no, I still have jammies (PJs) on!
33) Do you wear glasses? no

34) Do you know anyone that is blind? no
35) Do you have friends that are conceited? i'm sure i do
36) Have you ever planted a tree? no

37) What's your favorite color? pink, purple and yellow

38) Do you think you are popular? I hope people like me!

39) Do you text people? When I had money in my mobile/cell, then yes!

40) Do you have a cell phone? yes

41) Have you ever tried counting to a million? prob.
42) Do you read during the summer? yes, and during every other season!
43) What is one thing that is turned on all the time? um...nothing

44) Do you have asthma? no
45) Did you ever want braces? yes

46) Have you ever caught a firefly? no, I've watched them with Brett from his bedroom window though

47) Did you ever cut your own hair? yes

48) Have you been to a palace? yes, Buckingham Palace and Blenheim Place in Oxford, England
49) Do you want to be a queen/king? just a princess would do

50) What are you wearing? Ozarks Tennis tee shirt and PJ pants

51) Have you ever roasted marshmallows? yes

52) Have you made a snowman before? yes
53) Is it snowing? no it's soooo hot

54) Do you have a secret handshake with someone? no

55) Have you ever made paper? I think I tried to once

--> ThE bAsIcS

[[full name]] Olivia Claire Baxter

[[birthdate]] November 25, 1983 (yes Thanksgiving)
[[age]] 21
[[school]] University of Ulster at Jordanstown

[[hair color]] blonde
[[eye color]] blue
[[height]] 5'8"

--> FaVoRiTeS

[[food]] I like salmon croquettes, pizza and I LOVE Indian food!
[[drink]] water
[[book]] "Philadelphia, Here I come!"

[[movie]] Stepmom...those kind of movies!
[[store]] Wal-Mart

[[TV show]] most stuff on Discovery Home and Health, aka reality TV..."This Morning"

[[magazine]] most of the magazines that were in Smith Hall's 3rd floor bathrooms![[fruit]] banana

[[vegetable]] carrot
[[shape]] triangle
[[band]] I like a load of bands
[[singer]] I'd agree with Sarah Locke...Kelly Clarkson is great...esp. when you listen to her in Sarah Murphy's car on the way to Clarksvegas' Wal-Mart
[[number]] I don't really have one
[[letter]] B

[[color]] Pink
[[animal]] i don't really like animals

[[actor]] I don't really have one

[[actress]] I don't really have one

[[candy]] Skittles, d'oh!

--> ThIs Or ThAt
[[diet coke or regular?]] diet
[[fountain, canned, or bottled soda?]] bottled, but I suppose I did drink water from a fountain for a year at Ozarks!
[[spearmint or peppermint?]] peppermint
[[xanga or myspace?]] xanga and blogspot
[[blonde or brunette?]] blonde
[[surfer hottie or skater dude?]] surfer
[[summer or winter?]] summer
[[spring or fall?]] fall
[[coke or pepsi?]] coke

[[dooney&&bourke or louis vitton?]] d+b

[[casual&&comfy or fancy&&painful?]] both
[[jeans or minis?]] jeans

[[shorts or long pants?]] capris
[[hugs or kisses?]] I love both, pity Brett is a continent away
[[TV or movies?]] reality TV and chick flicks

[[the OC or One Tree Hill?]] I don't like either of them!
[[diamonds or pearls?]] depends...
[[mints or gum?]] gum
[[pen or pencil?]] pen...

[[CDs or radio?]] I love the radio, but my CDs are good too

[[rap or rock?]] i like most stuff

[[rock or pop?]] i like most stuff

[[south or north?]] south is where Arkansas and Texas is so south is cool- here I live in the north so I suppose north is cool here!

[[Abercrombie or Hollister?]] Hollister is cheaper but Abercrombie is cool too!
[[guys or girls?]] guys for kisses, girls for best friends

[[Paris or Nicole?]] neither, Ireland friends-> I've been in the town in AR. that they filmed the "Simple Life"
[[ryan or seth?]] Ryan

Thank you... for 11 months! I love you soooo much!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Nics, Louise, Catherine...

I am having trouble getting my photographs from Friday night to upload...I will try again soon...xoxo

I have been meaning to copy and paste this from this person's blogspot...

This is what she wrote on her blog about my blog...
Friday, May 06, 2005

Most of the photo blogs are pretty good. But fuck. I've found the WORST one EVER!!! I am speechless. Yes, me, speechless. But if you hold the space bar down and watch the pictures scroll by real fast, it kind of looks like people are fucking. Not a redeeming quality, I know. Let's just hope her parents are proud of her. I finally found some words to put in her comments section:

Oh my GOD! This is the WORST photo blog I've ever SEEN! Not only is it boring, but you and your friends are ugly as barn rats! Do everyone a favor, and make this blog accessible only by your parents!

This is what I replied...

I know you find it funny to make fun of people's blogs and I know you will love the attention of me emailing you back but....just to blog is for my family and friends...I am in the US at university on a fully paid scholarship (I might add) and my photographs on my blog are to show people at home what my life is like here.

Obviously blogs are accessible to everyone on the Internet but I simply do not have the time to WASTE on a blog when I want to make high grades.

I think my blog fulfills its purpose!

I think the owner of this blog will quite enjoy me writing about her but hey...

My name is Olivia and I'm addicted to...

reality TV! I really think that I am! I love most of the programmes on "Discovery Home and Health" and I loved "Baby House" on did Caoimhe!

Well this was my weekend...

Friday night: I went to Louise's house and then headed down to the Parlour courtesy of Austin...thank you Austin. Louise, Nicola, Catherine (Woods) and I went...Una is in Canada for the summer and Caoimhe was working. It was good craic. We stayed downstairs and just sat and talked etc. It was fun being out with everyone again. I think the journey home in the taxi was the best part of the night, Louise loved making company with the taxi driver. Nothing like being "Fully Alive".

Saturday: I slept until 12 noon then sat in my jammies all day. Auntie Marie arrived so I decided to get dressed. Talked to Brett on the phone. Then I was on MSN to Nics and asked her could I go to her house to visit. Had fun at Nicola's, drank tea and she showed me how to change things on my blog.

Sunday: Got up and went to Mass...did Children's Liturgy...helped count the money then went home and ate Sunday dinner. Read the newspapers and drank tea. Went to see Vivien, came home and watched Coronation Street. Watched more TV then Brett called and I talked to him for a while. Watched more TV then went to bed.

Oh how exciting a life I have!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I have changed my "comments" settings so now anyone can leave a comment...even if you don't have a blogspot account.

Does he not realise?

Does he not realise that it hurts me when he says he is going to call and then doesn't? Does he not know that I love hearing his voice, even if it on the end of a telephone line? Does he not realise that emailing me to tell me that he loves me after he doesn't call doesn't make up for me looking forward to his call?

Boys are weird sometimes.......

Lyrics from Natasha Bedingfield's song, "I bruise easily"...

"I bruise easily
So be gentle when u handle me
There's a mark you leave
Like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily
Cant stratch the surface
Without moving me underneath
I bruise easily
I bruise easily"

Lyrics from Natasha Bedingfield's song, "Unwritten"...

"Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
The rest is still unwritten
The rest is still unwritten"

Lyrics from Alanis Morrissette's song "No Apologies"

"I reach in my heart to see
If your love is alive in me
But now I feel alone
My feelings turn to stone
My heart makes no apologies

When an apology's made it isn't always enough
To erase all the past in a moment
Whenever I need you the most
You always leave me behind
With a word from your lips I'm alone

You've been blind not to realize
All the love that I hold inside
So tell me why do I keep holding on...holding on"

Lyrics from Alanis Morissette's song "You learn"...

"You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn..."

...maybe someday he will realise how much I love him, until then I will keep on loving him while he shoots daggers into my heart...

This song has been in my head for DAYS!

Let Me Go
~ 3 Doors Down

One more kiss could be the best thing
But one more lie could be the worst
And all these thoughts are never resting
And you're not something I deserve

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
And this seems real to me

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Let me go

I dream ahead to what I hope for
And I turn my back on loving you
How can this love be a good thing
When I know what I'm goin' through

In my head there's only you now
This world falls on me
In this world there's real and make believe
And this seems real to me

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
You love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Just let me go
Let me go

And no matter how hard I try
I can't escape these things inside I know
I know
When all the pieces fall apart
You will be the only one who knows
Who knows

You love me but you don't know who I am
I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand
And you love me but you don't know who I am
So let me go
Just let me go

And you love me but you don't
You love me but you don't
You love me but you don't know who I am
And you love me but you don't
You love me but you don't
You love me but you don't know me

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Leo Lundy playing Suzie's PlayStation in the front room of my house Posted by Picasa

The view of the mountain from my house Posted by Picasa

My house Posted by Picasa

Auntie's lilies Posted by Picasa

Suz and Uncle Jim Posted by Picasa

Uncle Jim and Mum Posted by Picasa

Suzie chilling in Auntie's back garden Posted by Picasa

Mum and Mummy in Auntie's house Posted by Picasa

Auntie's garden Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

I LOVE YOU! Posted by Picasa

Me Posted by Picasa

Mum's flowers at the front of the house Posted by Picasa

Mum's flowers at the front of the house Posted by Picasa