Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Suzie as a baby, Mummy thinks she looks like Brett's niece Sienna (below) Posted by Picasa

Peter and Suzie Posted by Picasa

clockwise- Mummy, Suzie, Peter and Olivia Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 29, 2005

Todd (Brett's twin), Jennie (Todd's g/f), Sienna (baby), Brett's Mom (at the back) and Annie Bender (from Venezuela...Brett's old nanny) Posted by Picasa

Sienna (Brett's twin Todd's daughter) Posted by Picasa

Sienna (Brett's twin Todd's daughter) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My life sucks sometimes!

...time differences are horrible...not being there for Michy when she needs me kills me...my family not caring about how much I miss Brett realllllly annoys me...wanting to be in the US not in the UK but having to stay here for just under another 300 days is hell...wanting a kiss and a big hug so much, but knowing the one person I want it from is too far away to give it to me...knowing that wanting to be with Brett is what he wants too makes me happy, yet extremely sad at the same time, why do we live on different continents? realising uni. is starting back soon, and uni. this year will be back to UUJ not U of O...knowing that me wanting to move away is hurting some people, yet knowing deep down it's what I need to do...crying every day while talking to Brett on the phone, a mixture of happy and sad tears. Sadness that I'm back home yet happiness because being his girlfriend makes me so happy! ...wishing that I could stop wishing away this year, but knowing how happy being back in the US will make me!

On a lighter note...Louise, Faye and Alison (Louise's rowing friends) and I went on a pub hop to a few cool trendy bars in Belfast city centre last night. 1st stop was "Cafe Vaudeville" (sp?) but the queue (US English = line) outside was too long for us so we headed to "The Northern Wig", then to "The Potthouse" (built on the site of the first pottery in Belfast), then "V Bar" then downstairs in the good old faithful, "The Bot(anic Inn)". I had a gorgeous watermelon cocktail in the Potthouse but also had delicious Malibu (coconut rum) and pineapple juice in "The Northern Wig"- it was simply divine! The "V Bar didn't have any pineapple juice left so we couldn't get coktails there...Malibu and diet coke just isn't the same! The Malibu and pineapple juice did taste amazingly wonderful since I haven't had my (before America) weekend drink in such a long time!

Babysat on Friday night for Maria and Joe, was fun because Ciara (age 6) was so excited to see me! They also have two other children, Daniel, aged 12 and Declan aged 9. My sister had been babysitting for them while I was in AR. but now I'm home and I have reclaimed them! I was so chuffed that Ciara remembered me! She messed with my hair and we watched her "Cinderella-bration" DVD that her Dad had made of their time at Disneyland FL. They also now have broadband (US English= cable) Internet so I got to be on MSN while they watched SpongeBob SquarePants on DVD (Brett and I fell asleep in the theater when we brought Madison and Hayden to see that!- they are Brett's niece and nephew). I'm babysitting for them again next Saturday night so I'm very excited

This Friday is a reunion for all the people from my diocese who went to WYD in Germany, I am very excited! It should be fun! We got lovely invitation cards and a lovely letter from Donal (the Bishop) in the post (US English= mail) the other day.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday here so Mum and Dad are off work, I think I will go to sleep early tonight then get up early-ish tomorrow and try again to tackle the mess that is my bedroom-it's actually starting to annoy me!

Hey to all my Ozarks people! GO EAGLES!

Friday, August 26, 2005

This is my life...

Univ. starts back sometime at the end of September, I re-register on Sept 22 and I have to choose between "Interactive Games Programming" and "Advanced Interactive Programming". Sometimes I wonder why i'm doing my course!? I don't like programming or Mathematics or anything like that! One more year! Well hopefully one more year if I've passed last year! I'll just have to work really hard this year to get a good degree!

For years one of my main aims was to get the BEI scholarship to go to uni. in America, now I've done that I feel a wee bit empty.

I don't think I can cope with living at home after next year! I'm going to apply for a PGCE (to become a teacher) and if I get in I will be in N.Ireland for another year after I graduate. I'm going to apply to work at "The Pines Catholic Camp" in Big Sandy, TX, for next summer. If I don't get accepted to do a PGCE I'm going to try my upmost to do something worthwhile and cool! Um...like work in TX lol! Either way I want to be in Texas next summer! There seems to be a cool job working at "The Pines" on a year long contract...we'll see what happens! Anybody from Texas/AR....camp is near Longview, in the Dallas diocese...if you know anything about it tell me! Or if you can recommend any other cool places for me to work....

When I was at World Youth Day (WYD) in Cologne, Germany (just home), I met people who work for the Dallas diocese, there were about a million people in Cologne for WYD and I met people from Dallas outside the Dom Cologne cathedral, IMAGINE! AND they know loads about "The Pines"! I have one of girl's email addresses so I will be emailing her soon!

I also met my Canada Mom's (my host Mom from WYD Canada) sister while I was camping out the night of the Vigil Papal Mass. HOW COOL! I traded t-shirts with one of their group. I also got a caricature drawn of me, very cool! I saw people from Honduras with really nice t-shirts but we were moving along so fast as part of a human "people chain/train" I couldn't stop to swap t-shirts. I was chatting to people from SPS (San Pedro Sula) though so that was cool! I was also chatting to 5 million (not literally) Mexicans who were all lovely! Most of the ones I was talking to were from Monterrey, MX. I was loving it as all the C.A.'s and Mexico Ozarks people can imagine!

I really really really want to go to TX./AR. in January. This will be possible if my examinations are over by the first week of the January examination period AND I find $1000 from somewhere. It would make me so much happier if I knew I was going to be back in the States before the start of next July (aka as soon as possible after graduation!). To get some money I need to either get a job or get a student loan. If I get a job it will mean I won't have to be in the house as much and I will get excited that there is money in my account, the downside is I will have another excuse for not having time to do university work, "but I have to work, I don't have time". Option B is a student loan, this is a good idea because I only have to start paying it back when i earn over $20,000 (approx), it also means I don't have to get a part-time job this year, also means I can go to America after Christmas (if my exams are near the start of the exam period) but it also means that I will have to pay it back sometime, which isn't good Oh the joys of being a student!

Well Brett and I have been dating (US English)/going out (UK English) for a year and a week now which is pretty cool. I love him so much and yes I do "pathetically" stare at a photo of us which sits on my window sill, before I go to sleep every night. He really is wonderful, he calls at least every other day and emails all the time. I couldn't ask for more...at the moment anyway! On our first anniversary I was in Cologne, Germany and was sooooooooooo excited when Paddy Hughes found a pay phone for me (Olivia: "Paddy, here's your mission, find me a pay phone!") at the train station. I called and woke Brett up from his sleep (7 hour time difference between Germany and TX) and he remembered it was our anniversary **WELL DONE BOY!**

Well Brett thank you for such a great year! Less than 300 days until I see you again!

Ozarks people enjoy your year, I miss it so much and wish so much that I was a Walton, if I was a Walton I'd get to go back every year!

Love Oliv xoxo

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Flowers at a monastery near Ober-Roden Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium Posted by Picasa

Mass at the football stadium of one of the teams from the Bundes Liga Posted by Picasa

Music on the train Posted by Picasa

Music on the train Posted by Picasa

Cologne Cathedral Posted by Picasa

The train of Youthcom people outside Cologne cathedral Posted by Picasa

Cologne Cathedral Posted by Picasa

Cologne Cathedral steps Posted by Picasa

Cologne Cathedral Posted by Picasa

Photo of old Pope and new Pope made up of loads of small photographs Posted by Picasa

Bridge over the Rhine Posted by Picasa

Pope boat.... Posted by Picasa

People in the water as the Pope goes past on the boat Posted by Picasa

Cologne Cathedral Posted by Picasa