Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Photo of me and Brett on my windowsill-even thought you can hardly see it! Posted by Picasa

Una in her conservatory when we were all there for th "night at Una's" Posted by Picasa

Caoimhe at Una's house Posted by Picasa
BEWARE-there is a severe lack of commas in the post below! I was just typing anf typing without thinking!

Yes so I'm reading Lance Armstrong's first book, and it's pretty addictive-but so wonderful so I don't mind! It isn't that it is super well written but his determination to succeed is just what I need to be inspired by right now! I'm so excited that I have another book to read my him sitting in the living room waiting for me to finish this one, then I'm going to read his Mom's book about life with him...then the book about him! Woohoo! Nothing like a good read on the two buses en route to university!

There's nothing that me and God can't get through this year together!

I nearly forgot that tomorrow is the UCB conference! It's at 2pm so that means I can't go out with the girls tomorrow for lunch or out with Mum and Anne but awk well it should be good!

Tomorrow night is S.Olympics again, and I really want to have enough energy to survive both sessions-last week I was tired after the younger ones had left! I love working with the younger ones because they are learning basic skills and you can really see the difference you are making with them. With the older ones they know more than me but we are training them for the National Games which is really exciting! They really are very impressive-I just wish more people would volunteer! Nobody can say they can't spare 3 hours a week for it! It really does infuriate me that people don't do more stuff in their community-it doesn't necessarily mean volunteering with S.O. but many charities and places need volunteers! This is the Year of the Volunteer so give it a go!

Thursday is reregistering at university and it's at 1:30pm which means I won't be able to talk to Brett because 2:30pm is around about the time he calls and I wouldn't be back before then. Awk well we'll live!

Friday is going into Clarks-to-talk-to-Liz day, about-getting-my-job-back-day, hopefully it all works out!

I just realised I haven't bought anything for starting back at university-I have some Ozarks folders that I purposely took home so as I can use them and remember the good old days! It might also remind me about the determination I had to succeed, do well, make friends and be involved at Ozarks-maybe I'll be the same this year! Let's hope!

It was Brett and my one-year-and-one-month anniversary yesterday woohoo! This is how amazingly wonderful Brett is....when I was in Texas Brett's Mom and I were in Barron's for lunch and then we walked through the gift store. We were looking at the Hello Kitty stuff (Brett called it "my obsession" today) and the sales assistant told us that HK was coming to the store in September for "Hello Kitty goes to school" so I said "awk I won't be here for that because I'm going home mid June etc etc". Alison (Brett's Mom) and I joked that Brett should go and meet Hello Kitty on my behalf...well low and behold today when Brett and I were talking he said "Oh Hello Kitty will be at Barron's this Saturday so I'm going down with my camera"- how wonderful is he! I told him he didn't have to but he said he knew I'd love it if he took photos of the event, and maybe he might even get his photo with Hello Kitty! I told him I just loved it that he remembered that Hello Kitty was going to be there, and that he had been thinking about me but he insists that he is going to go to Barron's on Saturday between 11-1pm! Oh I also joked with him that I want a Hello Kitty comforter for our bed when we get married but he said that was maybe pushing my obsession a wee bit too far, but then said "whatever you want"-I wouldn't be as cruel to him lol! I joked that I also want a pink bedroom but he said no...he also said no to light purple, like lavender, surely that's quite a normal colour to paint a bedroom? It's a calming colour lol!

Thank you again to Michelle for the card today-WHAT a lovely surprise it was! I love you and miss you loads! I'm sure the mail from Jenni will arrive soon too!

Ok that's all from me today!

P.S. My brother is outside smoking, why do people think it's cool to smoke?!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nicola in my sleeping bag Posted by Picasa

Caoimhe in my sleeping bag Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Elizabeth Bennett and all that jazz...

Keira Knightley is wonderful in Pride and Prejudice

i chatted to Brett online on Friday night and on the phone on Friday and yesterday...that makes me happy

i have lounged around the house all day today and i'm loving it!

it's an all girls sleep over at Una's tonight and i'm excited

i can't wait to eat the pizza Keeves brings to Una's tonight

i'm addicted to facebook

i want to be with Brett right now!

it's mine and Brett's 1 year and one month anniversary in one day

i miss Michy more than she knows

Brett, i wish i could feel your touch on my skin

dark nights make me sad that i am where i don't want to be. dark nights mean sleeping after a night of reading

Is this a dream?
If it is
Please don't wake me from this high
I've become comfortably numb
Until you opened up my eyes
To what it's like
When everything's right
I can't believe

-"You Found Me" -Kelly Clarkson
Why is love so friggin bloody well complicated?!

...maybe I'm just hormonal

Post from Friday....

Nicola and Una called at the house to say hey today...that was really nice..."us lot" (my girls) are having a sleepover at Una's on Sunday night to welcome home Una after her summer in Canada and say goodbye before she leaves back to Liverpool, England for university- fun fun!

Brett's asleep then going to work so I can't talk to him. He did security at the golf club from 9pm-5:30am this morning and then he has to go to work at Subway at 11am so he's asleep! Time differences suck majorly! I stayed awake until 1am (7pm TX time) last night cus he said he would go online but obv. he had to work so he wasn't home...zzz!

I finally found my university timetable online for this semester (thank you Simon), I think I'm in Group A so if I am that means this is my t/table...

Mon- 9:15-10:15am----COM554J1 (lecture)

Tues- OFF...so far!

Wed- 9:15-10:15am----COM554J1 (lecture)

10:15-11:15am----SCM CAREERS

11:15-13:15----COM554J1 (lecture)

Thurs- 14:15-16:15----DES511J1 (lecture-Belfast campus)

Fri- 10:15-12:15pm----COM522J1 (lecture)

12:15-13:15----COM522J1 (lab)

14:15-16:15----DES511J1 (lab)

so it's back to the J'town (University of Ulster at Jordanstown) on September 26th. I reregister on September 22nd.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Denise and Michy at the Welcome Dance 2005 Posted by Picasa

Marlon, Michy and Luis before the Welcome Dance 2005 Posted by Picasa

Marlon and Michy before the Welcome Dance 2005 Posted by Picasa

The nina in her new room in Maclean Posted by Picasa

The nina in her new room in Maclean Posted by Picasa

The nina in her new room in Maclean Posted by Picasa

Sarah Murphy in her room at Ozarks Posted by Picasa

Michy at the fountain on the Ozarks campus Posted by Picasa

The sunset in El Salvador Posted by Picasa

The sunset in El Salvador Posted by Picasa

Marcella at home in El Salvador Posted by Picasa

Mi Marcellita (a la derecha), her sister and Mom in San Salvador, El Salvador Posted by Picasa

Catherine, Lisa and their cousins at Sanne's christening Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Grace and Ryan at one of Ryan's family's wedding :) Posted by Picasa

what's 298 days in a lifetime?

september...registering for university...starting back at university


november...my 22nd birthday...thanksgiving

december...brett's birthday...Christmas

january...new year and new semester...last semester of university

february...mum's birthday...valentine's day

march...easter?...st. patrick's day



june...special olympics national games

july...hopefully graduation...definitely america!

it's thursday...

why is my brother sooooo annoying?

the bathroom is beautiful because i cleaned it!

it is raining loads here.

i've been asked to be a chaperone at the special olympics national games in June 2006- i'm very excited!

i've been asked to go to a UCB conference next wednesday at 2pm in some church on the belmont road.

i'm going to a conference about autism tonight in Queen's University, Belfast.

i have to call into Clarks next Friday when the manager is back from her honeymoon to ask about my job back. the supervisor and replacement manager can't employ me without manager's permission apparently.

i put the card Brett sent me on my window sill and it cheered me up loads. it also made my window sill look nice! the card is sitting beside the framed pic of me and B

i love getting post (US english= mail)

i want to go back to sleep...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The card I got in the mail from Brett today... Posted by Picasa

Inside the card I got in the mail from Brett today...how cute is he (his spelling is a wee bit off though, awk well!) Posted by Picasa

Brett and I at Tyler airport the day I left America. Brett's Mom took the photograph and they only got it developed last week lol! Look at the pic...I was REALLLLLLY crying that day! :( :( Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hey y'all!

-thinking about Brett...

-getting up early this morning to read my daily email from Brett because I hardly slept all night because I miss him so much

-washing my hair but not having enough time to dry it because my Auntie and Anne (from Canada) arrived at my house early than I expected...well I thought it was about 10am but it was actually 10:15am

-reading "People" magazines in the back seat of Auntie's car because I can pretend I'm in America when I'm reading them- Brett's Mom has a subscription to it and I used to always read her copy! Anne brought some magazines home from Canada you see

- smelling candles from the "Yankee Candle" company people in "The Linen Green" because they are yummy

-listening to the "Stephen Nolan" radio show and discussing with Mum about the NI versus England match last night and how S.N. was giving fifty pence (~ $1) for every text message people sent into his show saying how he should be disgraced to say that he doubted N.I's chances of winning over England!

-eating lunch out with Auntie, Mum and Anne in Dungannon in a restaurant that used to be a church- it looked like the dining hall in Harry Potter complete with banners on the walls etc!

-thinking about how Jenni etc were at the President's hosue for dinner last night, this time last year I was there and Dr. Taddie asked me did we have supermarkets in Ireland

-thinking about Brett...

-wondering how the new Irish girls are getting on at Ozarks and wondering if I should email them or if they will think that I'm being interferring? Anyone friends with Gemma or Maura?

-watching "The Simple Life: Interns" and thinking about how the last time I watched "The Simple Life" it was before I went to Arkansas

-wondering is Brett home

-talking to Nicola on the phone

-watching about four hours of TV in a row tonight even though I usually watch less than four hours in a week

-wearing my Birkenstocks today because I, even more than usual wanted to be in America today and they remind me of Ozarks

-thinking about Brett...

-trying to decide if I should take out a student loan or not

-thinking about Brett...

-watching a TV programme (<--- UK spelling!) about women who have gotten married to death row prisoners after writing letters to them in prison...and thinking why would you do that? then realising that loads of the prisoners were in TX prisons and that on one hand I'm thankful that Brett is in his home not in a prison, but then thinking HOW can people believe that corporal punishment is right?

-thinking about Brett...

-thinking how I'd like a house like the stately home (imagine Pride and Prejudice) we went to see today, "Armory House"

-imagining I was the lady of Armory House

-thinking about how I should really get my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) application form filled in

-thinking about Brett...

-thinking about how my bday is very soon! that also means that it's nearly a year since I met Brett's parents as I went to TX for Thanksgiving/ my 21st last year...wishing I was going there this year...wondering if anyone will remember my birthday if I don't mention it

-thinking about how I'll need to start buying Christmas presents soon!

-dreaming of a perfect life

...that was my day, how was yours? JOHNNY WONG WHERE ARE YOU?

Hey to Michy, Jenni, Monica, Sarah Murphy, Sarah Locke, Marcella Serrano (someone get me her room number!), Taylor Emmanuelson, Tiffanie, Emily from this year's new Ozarks tennis team! (me envious, nooooo! ok yes I am! ) More heys later!

Friday, September 02, 2005

This is what my piggy bank looks lke :( Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Life, Oh life do-do-do-do!

Well it's September 1! 21 days until I register for university! It's nearly been three months since I arrived home from America and they have been some of the most difficult months of my life ever. I had an idyllic year away, so coming home to "reality" has been sooooo difficult.

In America my world was mostly the microcosm of the Ozarks campus. I had my baby/babe/baby boy/babes-Brett, Smith Hall third floor biatches/hookers, my tennis girls, Coach "The Godin" Godin, Coach "Schmitty" Smith, all my fellow international students, International Office, CCM people, JLC staff, my (mostly) wonderful teachers, yet home was also just a phone call away (on my overused room phone..more phone calls to Michy's room than to home mind you!)Life was very simple at U of O, I fitted in well (I think...I hope) and I could be myself. Being back home means I have to actually get dressed up and other basic things! Being home does also provide me with the security of my friends..."us lot" and all the others, my family and my church, as well as my old routine, but life in Arkansas was so much simpler- well Paris Hilton did make her programme- "The Simple Life" in Altus, AR, a few miles up the road from campus! lol!

Brett was one of the main reasons for making my year at university so unbelievable amazing, better than I could have ever imagined! I probably have a stronger faith in God than anyone knows, and I don't care what people think, but I know Brett was a gift from God to me. People may think that sounds stupid but I really don't care, it's what I think and I really try not to judge people on what they do or don't believe.

I was extremely excited about going on BEI to America, and I just prayed and prayed about it. I wanted it to be brilliant and it was. I always prayed for someone who respected me and I got Brett, the one person in the world who not only has the upmost respect for me, but who never judges anyone, and respects everyone. Brett and I have been going out/dating for a year and two weeks now, and although he is in TX and I'm in N.I. I feel so close to him. We talk on the phone most days and we email loads. It's amazing knowing that you love someone as much as they love you. People laugh that I am so close to Brett's Mom- sometimes calling her "the mother-in-law", but she's one of the few people who know what Brett and I are like together, gosh I spent enough time at her home last year! I feel I can talk about stuff with her so easily, and she was there every time I had to go back to university after being at Brett's- she saw the heartbreak at the airport! Brett is one in a billion, what other boy would sit through...and participate (ok just face wash) in a Mary Kay cosmetics party with me and his Mom because I asked him! What other boy would sit through a long list of chick flicks just because I wanted to go and see them? And to be honest what other boy would put up with me! teehee/jejeje! Babes I love you with all my heart...thank you for the last year!

Michy- my best Ozarks friend ever! Michy is the most wonderful Honduran you could ever meet (well best female, nothing bets the HondurASS jajaja!) Michy and I were there for each other during everything last year, we were there through the Derrick/Brett sagas...ok there were a lot more Dk sagas than Brett sagas but hey! She was the one who understood me when I talked really fast, she was the one I could talk to about anything...literally! She is still my C.A. (Central American)! I miss and love you SOOOOOO much nina! Of course your Dad fancies me too so all's great! (inside joke-nothing weird!) There's nothing like gossiping with Michy while we lie in our respective beds on the phone to each other at 1:30am in the morning (our rooms were only a few doors away!)...nothing like dreaming about the HondurASS' ass together! *ooh yum!* There's also nothing like living on cereal with chocolate milk and sandwiches for months on end in the caf and suffering it with Michy! Nothing like getting up super early before 8/9am classes after going to bed at 2am...dressing in our PJ's for going to class, coming back to class and getting back into bed, then going to class again, then going to lunch, then going back to sleep then me going to tennis, you doing h/w then going to eat "delicious" dinner in the caf...dinner of cereal and sandwiches again...with some fries added in! Or being brave and trying something different only to say "nina, did you really think that was gonna be good? no nina u didn't, it looks like crap/shit!". Checking our mailboxes and hoping that we would get more than Wal-Mart advertisements...getting excited when we got package slips...or even stickers from a credit card company!

Oh nina I miss you loads, my fellow Catholic buddy...*ring ring* "Michy, are you going to Mass? it's time to get up", "Ninaaaaa, nooooo!", ok back to sleep, *ring ring*, "Nina (Olivia), I feel guilty, I'm getting up for Mass", "yeah I'm gonna go and then I can drop it into conversation to Mum about going, see you in a minute!"

In CJ's on Tuesdays...instead of going to the convo. Chapel service- "It's ok we don't need menus we know what we want to order" ...cus we ordered the same thing every week! Getting pissed off when we didn't get the red hair waitress cus she would always give us more chips and salsa than anyone else! "Can we have U of O discount please?" !

After class..."OMG nina [insert teacher's name], he/she so fancied me today...." (private joke!)..."OMG nina, that dick gave me an A-!"..."Guess what nina, I didn't fall asleep in my 8 o'clock class!"..."Guess what nina I got up at 7:55am and made it to my 8am, I may have looked like shit but I made it!"..."Nina we have an IMC quiz to do for Friday", even though you weren't in my IMC class jajaja..good times, good times!

There's also nothing like typing in Spanish on MSN so as no1 else knows what we are chatting about, in case anyone may have been looking at your computer screen...especially in the SSS, nothing like "OMG nina guess who is sitting right in front of me in the SSS/24 hour?!"

I love you nina, thank you for a million happy memories! Te quiero mucho nina! I love and miss you loads biatch! No1 else could understand all that stuff about me and Michy apart from me and Michy!

More Ozarks memories to come...