Monday, November 28, 2005

Grace a dieu!

OMG how I hate XML/XSL/XSLT/DTD blood programming! It kills my happiness! FORTY pages later, and a two weeks of sheer hell and the assignment has been handed in! I had to produce a webpage using XML if anyone understands or is interested. It made me cry on several occassions over the past two weeks but I am over it now!

The next time I have to worry about it is for the examination in which time I will have forgotten all about everything I have learnt about XML programming, thus will have to endure learning it all over again! Oh the joy!

Roll on graduation!

On a happier note I did get to talk to Michy last night on the phone, I was losing my voice and I was so tired but I just wanted to talk to her! Denise (her roommate) answered and she didn't understand a word I was was funny...and I thought I was talking slowly!

I called Brett's house last night but he wasn't in but I got to have a good chat to his Mom, that was good, I miss her loads!

After I handed in my assignment at 2:15pm (it was due at 3pm) I "rewarded" myself by calling Brett (TX is 6 hrs behind us) and woke up him. Oh boy how I find him even cuter when he has just woken up, his voice is uber cute! He got a driving ticket on the way back from seeing his Dad in Mount Pleasant but other than that he seemed to have a good visit with his Dad.

I have decided to spend the next two hours at university doing nothing but facebook, Xanga, blogger and replying to emails...typing all day on that zzz assignment has fried my brain...I miss Brett and Michelle and I need to sleep, so no more work today! I am going to go home later and have a normal evening of reading the newspapers and going to sleep at a semi-normal time, then tomorrow I will spend all day researching about VoiceXML (voice recognition software)- it sounds as interesting to you as it does to me! Night!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

just another 364 days until the next one!

for my bday i got...

Clarin's make up and money from Mum and Dad (getting clothes too)

A wonderful "Nicky Clarke" hairdrier and hair products from my Auntie Marie and Uncle Jim

A mp3 player/USB from my uni people

A scarf, Percy Pig's (candy) and cake from my friend Vivien

Calling cards from my Auntie Helen and Uncle Sean, Auntie Helen said, "for calling your beloved"

I went out to The Parlour with Nicola, Louise, Caoimhe and Catherine for pizza and drinks...omg Catherine *suddenly...dramatically* asked me to go the bathroom with her and I thought *oh shit what's up?!* but when we returned they had a birthday cake with candles on it to blow out....well done "us lot"! Keeves and I shared a pizza and spicy wedges with garlic dip, yum yum! I had Magners cider and blackcurrant, thus of you who know me well should know that that is quite an unusual happening! I have moved on from being a Malibu and pineapple girl, I'm now a hallion and drink pints of Magners with and without blackcurrant.

After The Parlour we headed to Queen's University Student's Union, aka "the Union"'s everyone else's uni apart from mine! **GO UUJ!** Keeves and I need to burp and just couldn't drink anymore (we had one drink) until we burped...we didn't manage to bump until we were leaving the union, thus we left some of drink...what a waste!

Nicola, Caoimhe and I went to the cinema to see "In Her Shoes", it was SOOOOOO cold in the cinema! I thought I was going to die from hypothermia but Brett says you can't die from hypothermia if you aren't in water...too knowledgable for me! "In Her Shoes" was good but I think it was too long. Now I know why people had that E.E. Cummings poem on their Xangas! I had a polo neck jumper (US English= sweater) on and I rolled the neckline above my nose because my nose felt like ice. I used Nicola's coat as a blanket to shield me from the cold!

After the cinema we braved the hypothermia to go to Caoimhe's work to meet her boyfriend Myles and to order a taxi.

It was a good night. I hope the others enjoyed it too.

I'm 22!

Friday, November 25, 2005

happy thanksgiving y'all!

happy birthday jorge!

i've had a difficult day

tomorrow is my, drinks and the cinema

my brother is the most annoying person in the world


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

i hate university

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The joy of final year!

I took the primary 4-primary 7's (8-11 year olds) today for Children's Liturgy at Mass because Tricia was away to Dublin for the weekend...the last time I took that Children's Liturgy the kids really played up but today they were so good! I read them the story about the talents and asked them questions about it and they understood it completely, woohoo! Maybe it was just an easy story to understand or maybe I explained it well, or maybe a mixture of both! Anyway the story was understood.

Half of them wanted to do the activity sheets but the other half (mostly boys!) didn't want to, so I told them that they had to suggest something else to do...they did come up with a few "silly" activities like, "escaping to Brackenvale (gas station)" etc but then Dominic said he wanted to talk more about what talents they had **well done Dominic!** so half of them completed the activity sheets while we discussed more about our own talents.

One girl asked if we could talk about what things we aren't as good at so we did. The girl said that she wasn't good at Maths so since Dominic had said he was good at Maths I said "Well then how could Dominic help this girl?", and they realised that he could help her with her Maths. Dominic said he wasn't good at writing, but that that girl (omg I so can't remember her name!) was, so we decided that D. could help her Maths and she could help him with her writing, thus using their talents! I loved teaching the older ones! I'm normally with the P1-3 (ages 4-7) and I normally feel more comfortable with the younger children, but today I loved being with the older children! Maybe I am learning more about HOW to talk to the older ones...I'd need to...I've applied for a PGCE (a year long teaching programme) in IT/Computing for secondary (high school) teaching...but I still feel that I would be better in a primary (elementary) school.

I was called into work today from 2-6, it was yuck! I did however read a magazine because I was in the stockroom as I couldn't be bothered doing anything for a while! lol! Apparently work has a subscription to some magazines now! ....think it's so as we "know the current fashion trends" *excuses, excuses!"*

Tomorrow is the start of week 8 of university, and we finish for Christmas in week 12 with our exams being in January aaaah! We have "proper" exams in exam halls with individual tables in rows and loads of invigiliators in the hall who walk up and down making sure we aren't cheating or giving us extra paper if we need it.....they also write on the hall plan where we were sitting in case someone cheats from someone else, then they can check if those two people were sitting near each other...we also have anonymous marking---you write your student number on the exam paper not your name, so as the marker isn't biased.

It's my birthday in 12 days and I'm not really too excited lol! My birthday is on a Friday and I have a huge ass assignment (worth 75% of coursework for the module) due on the Monday after my birthday aaah! Computer Programming sucks! Anyone want to help me with XML?!

Brett and I are doing great, he is so cute! I just wish we could see each other sooner than July 2006!

I miss living on campus, I can't justify living away from home here as I only live eleven miles from uni. and living on campus would mean I would be away from town and away from my friends (it's only mainly 1st years who live on campus in halls here)...I should have got my driving test years ago then I wouldn't have to rely on public transport!

Love to all, back to studying!