Monday, November 28, 2005

Grace a dieu!

OMG how I hate XML/XSL/XSLT/DTD blood programming! It kills my happiness! FORTY pages later, and a two weeks of sheer hell and the assignment has been handed in! I had to produce a webpage using XML if anyone understands or is interested. It made me cry on several occassions over the past two weeks but I am over it now!

The next time I have to worry about it is for the examination in which time I will have forgotten all about everything I have learnt about XML programming, thus will have to endure learning it all over again! Oh the joy!

Roll on graduation!

On a happier note I did get to talk to Michy last night on the phone, I was losing my voice and I was so tired but I just wanted to talk to her! Denise (her roommate) answered and she didn't understand a word I was was funny...and I thought I was talking slowly!

I called Brett's house last night but he wasn't in but I got to have a good chat to his Mom, that was good, I miss her loads!

After I handed in my assignment at 2:15pm (it was due at 3pm) I "rewarded" myself by calling Brett (TX is 6 hrs behind us) and woke up him. Oh boy how I find him even cuter when he has just woken up, his voice is uber cute! He got a driving ticket on the way back from seeing his Dad in Mount Pleasant but other than that he seemed to have a good visit with his Dad.

I have decided to spend the next two hours at university doing nothing but facebook, Xanga, blogger and replying to emails...typing all day on that zzz assignment has fried my brain...I miss Brett and Michelle and I need to sleep, so no more work today! I am going to go home later and have a normal evening of reading the newspapers and going to sleep at a semi-normal time, then tomorrow I will spend all day researching about VoiceXML (voice recognition software)- it sounds as interesting to you as it does to me! Night!


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