Monday, December 19, 2005

still together!

<---Thank you Nicola

Brett and I have now been dating for one year and four months (or sixteen months as Nicola said) today. We have only fought a handful of times...maybe less, and we can talk about anything- it's just great! I love him and he loves me so it's all brilliant!

It's also 200 days until I graduate which is great too! I finished uni last Friday, but I have coursework due on 6th January and an exam on 10th January- I am dead!

The new BEI students (the new Irish, ok well this years Irish) are home now so hopefully I will get to meet them...pity I couldn't just fly back over to AR. with them...

Dentist today, work tonight, uni all day 2mro, interview on Wednesday, Special Olympics on Thursday and pay day (aka "buying-all-my-Christmas-presents-in-one-day" day. Saturday is Christmas Eve and work 1-5 then the Four Winds (bar/restaurant) for some Christmas cheer, Christmas day is Sunday and then Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), 27th is 10-6 work etc.

I wish I had a super fast computer with all the programmes I need to use in uni. on a home computer- oh how I wish...


Blogger murat said...

hı ı am murat.ı hope you wıll be happy .do not wory.ok

Mon Dec 19, 10:50:00 am  

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